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Vegetables are still being supplied from outside, Aron: It’s time for farmers in Sekadau to wake up

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PHOTO: Regent of Sekadau, Aron SH symbolically handing chili seeds to the Chairman of the Makmur Farmers Group (Sutarjo)

Reporter : Sutarjo, SEKADAU –
The Regent of Sekadau, Aron SH, symbolically handed over the assistance of chili seeds to the Makmur Farmers group in Gang Mangga RT 22, Mungguk Village on Sunday (22/8/2021).

Present at that time, the Chairperson of the PKK Mobilization Team for Sekadau Regency, Mrs. Magdalena Susilawati SP.

The Regent of Sekadau, Aron SH, said that the flagship program is Infrastructure, Plantation, Agriculture and Fisheries for Community Welfare (IP3K).

“This program is easy to implement, because if we talk about agriculture, the community will know. So, like what the Makmur farmer group did, I think it is very good, because the superior products besides watermelon, melon, peanuts, chilies and cucumbers are also mustard greens,” he said.

According to Aron, the village mustard can not only be used as a vegetable. However, it can also be made mustard greens.

“So I think it’s a very good opportunity,” said Aron.

He hopes that the Tani Makmur group can take this good opportunity. Because at this time the need for vegetables in the region is still partially supplied from outside Sekadau.

In the future, Aron said, he will optimize the Agricultural Extension Center (BPP) to monitor the prices of vegetable communities outside Sekadau Regency, including livestock.

“However, we will pay attention to which internet network at BPP is suitable. I ask that this Makmur Farmer group can also share knowledge with other friends from other farmer groups, so that all can plant well, “hoped Aron.

The chairman of the Makmur Farmers Group, Harmanto, in his presentation said that apart from the superior crop being mustard greens, his party also wishes to integrate with livestock and fisheries.

However, continued Hermanto, this is the group’s long-term goal.

To increase the productivity of farmers, he hopes that the Sekadau Regency Government through the DKP3 Service can hold training for farmers.

Head of the DKP3 Service, Sandea said that with agricultural activities like this, it is hoped that the Makmur Farmers group can support the Sekadau Regency Government’s program, namely IP3K.

Deputy Chairperson of the Sekadau Regency DPRD, Handi hopes that in addition to producing vegetables, the Makmur Farmer group is also expected to be able to provide solutions or bright ideas to the Regency Government so that the IP3K program launched by the Sekadau Regency Government can be successful.

Present at that time, the chairman of the TP PKK, Ny. Magdalena Susilawati SP. Head of DKP3 Drs. Sande, Deputy Chairperson of DPRD Handi, PPL of Sungai Ringin Village and members of the Makmur Farmers group.

Attending as an observer was the Chairman of the Mulya Farmers Group in Perongkan Village, and the Chairman of the Independent Farmers Group in Ensalang Village, Dodi.

On this occasion, the Regent of Sekadau, Aron SH, also handed over Cakra Cabe seeds along with fertilizers and herbicides.

Editor: Anthony

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