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Recipe and How to Make Kayuagung Cupu Sponge, Typical Food of OKI Regency

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TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM, KAYUAGUNG –– Quality and consistency of taste are important keys that must be heeded by culinary business actors if they want their business to survive and continue to grow.

As done by Entrepreneur Bolu Cupu Ningmas, Kayuagung city, Ogan Komering Ilir district, which has been established since 2002.

His business still exists today because the quality of the taste of the sponge cake it produces has never changed.

“We maintain a very traditional manufacturing process, such as still using manual egg beaters and stove ovens and not being touched by modernization,” said Ningmas Necklace, owner of a cupu cake business located in Paku Village, Kayuagung District when met by, Saturday (21 /8/2021) noon.

In addition, Ningmas also produces its own Bolu Cupu without preservatives and chemicals that can harm consumers’ health.

“Indeed, this cupu sponge is a typical food of the Kayuagung people, its delicious taste makes the tongue addicted and is guaranteed to be healthy because it does not use preservatives,” he explained.

Furthermore, he said, in a day, he was able to spend 50 kilograms of cake dough, which was done by three employees.

“Starting the manufacture usually after the dawn prayer until 14.00 noon, a day usually spend 30 kilograms of chicken eggs and 20 kilograms of duck eggs. Because here we use two variants of egg types,”

“For example, if it is calculated per seed, at least it can produce around a thousand more sponge cakes that are ready to be sold or more than 100 large boxes,” he said.

The selling price is quite affordable, all based on the contents of the sponge itself and differentiated between sponges made from chicken eggs and duck eggs.

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