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Optimizing Narrow Land, Unram Community Service Program Develops Life Pharmacy in a Pandemic Period – LOMBOKita

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LOMBOKita – University of Mataram Real Work Lecture (KKN) students who are members of the 2021 Thematic KKN go directly to the community to help improve food security and the use of narrow and difficult yards if farming with poor land conditions.

Realizing this condition, it gave an idea for the students of the Mataram University Community Service Program to initiate a family food security program by creating a Life Pharmacy work program which was considered very appropriate.

How not, if there are herbal plants around our house then we don’t need to go anywhere to meet the family’s immune needs.

In order to spread the benefits of the program, the students of the Mataram University Community Service Center focused on the Life Pharmacy in Penarukan Lauk hamlet, Kebun Ayu Village so that the local community could benefit from it.

The types of family medicinal plants planted by the students include Bangle, Red and Green Betel, mint leaves, Cat’s whiskers, Red Ginger, Temulawak, Temu Ireng, White turmeric, Galangal, Ginger, Lempuyang/Bujak, Kencur, and Sambiloto. .

“We got seeds through one of our KKN partners and received 14 seeds,” said the Head of KKN Kebon Ayu Village in 2021, Adhitya Juniarsa Paluanri.

The seeds were planted in polybags and pots from used plastic which were made directly by the Unram KKN student group.

All the work programs carried out were guided by Ir. Aluh Nikmatullah, M.Agr.Sc., Ph.D as Field Supervisor.

This Covid-19 Thematic Community Service Program lasted for 45 days from June 21 to August 5, 2021. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was reduced to 30 days.

The Chairperson of the Unram Thematic KKN in Kabun Ayu Adhitya engaku was very enthusiastic to see the Life Pharmacy program being promoted because he considered this activity very appropriate, especially when the Corona virus pandemic outbreak hit the world, including Indonesia, especially on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara province.

“This life pharmacy is a major work program that has a very good impact on the community,” said Adhitya.

Residents of the local community, according to Adhitya, also seemed enthusiastic because of the live pharmacy which was made in front of the TPQ of Kebun Ayu Village because it had an impact on residents who increasingly added insight into natural medicines that were around the place where they lived.

Meanwhile, the Head of Kebun Ayu Village, Jumarsa, strongly supports the thematic KKN student program in the village he leads.

Adhitya revealed that this year’s KKN provided many benefits for the people of Kebun Ayu Village.

Ustaz Edi Satriawan S.PdI as the supervisor of TPQ Jihadul Qur’an said that the program is very useful, especially for TPQ brothers who are studying here to get to know from an early age about herbal plants in the Living Pharmacy.

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