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The Viral of Ginger Milk Traders in Tangsel Was Slapped, Carts Destroyed

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South Tangerang

The video of the blasphemy against a red ginger milk seller by an unknown person in Taman Asri, Ciledug, Tangerang, has gone viral on social media. Not only that, the perpetrators also damaged the merchant’s cart.

The Head of the Ciledug Police, Kompol Poltar L Gaol, confirmed the incident. He said the incident occurred on Sunday (22/8) night.

“Last night, it’s over huh? already peace,” said Poltar when contacted on Monday (23/8/2021).

Poltar said there was a misunderstanding between the perpetrator and the ginger milk seller. However, Poltar did not explain the cause of the misunderstanding.

“It was (completed), just a misunderstanding, it was (finished) at that moment it was immediately known to the RT/RW Kamtibmas. The name was misunderstood, the name was a trader in a crowded place, there was a misunderstanding like that,”

Poltar said the two had reconciled. The perpetrators, said Poltar, have also been compensated.

“The alleged perpetrator has communicated with the person concerned, and has been compensated” like that,” he said.

Furthermore, Poltar said the police would still carry out patrols. This is done so that the situation remains conducive.

“The police are still patrolling to be safe,” he added.

In the viral video, shards of broken glass and plates can be seen scattered on the road. Seen a man holding a large umbrella while sweeping debris.

The man seems to be talking. However, it was not clear what he was saying.

Malak also that, malak we. He asked for Rp. 20,000,” said someone in the video.

“Continue lu love?” asked another.

“Give just shake, he said.

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