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ASN of the Geological Agency Increases Competence through Training on Deterministic Mapping of Land Movements

  • Share, Jakarta PPSDM Geominerba in collaboration with the Geological Agency held a Training and Education on Deterministic Mapping of Land Movements.

A total of 26 participants who are ASN in the Geology Agency took part in the training which lasted for five days.

The training will take place from 23-25 ​​August 2021 and will be continued on 2-3 September 2021.

As is known, ground motion is an event that occurs on a relatively steep slope. GIS analysis was carried out to determine the zoning of soil movement susceptibility.

This zoning is to obtain a map of the level of soil movement susceptibility from the data obtained in the form of thematic maps, namely geological maps, rainfall maps, land use maps, slope maps, and land movement zoning maps.

The training is aimed at making the ASN of the Geological Agency understand again about the vulnerability zones for ground movement to publicize areas prone to landslides, so this training is held.

The materials that will be provided in this training include the TRIGRS Specification (overview, strengths, weaknesses), TRIGRS Data Preparation (default tutorial data), TRIGRS Test Preparation Data Analysis, TRIGRS Simple Run Model, and Trial Local TRIGRS Run Model.

Other materials such as short analysis of run model results, TRIGRS Model Validation, Fine Tuning Model, TRIGRS Training Resume, and 3D Scoop Analysis will also be provided by experts from the Bandung Institute of Technology.

Even though it is done online, it is hoped that the participants will have the ability in deterministic mapping of ground motion so that they can help with work in their respective places.

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