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Seriously Working on Agriculture Sector, Lingga Regency Government Involves Director General of Seeds Holds Counseling

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Mediatani – The Lingga District Government under the leadership of Nizar-Neko began to focus on seriously working on the agricultural sector because it is considered one of the essential sectors and has the potential to continue to be developed.

Related to this, the Lingga Regency Government involved the Directorate of Food Crop Seedling to hold a rice seed counseling which took place in Bukit Langkap Village, North Lingga on Saturday (21/8/210).

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The presence of the Director General of Seeds at the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture immediately received a warm welcome from the Deputy Regent of Lingga, Neko Wesha Pawelloy.

This remark is certainly a form of seriousness from the Lingga Regency Government which continues to oversee the commitment to the continuation of the agricultural program which is one of the mainstay programs in Lingga Regency.

“Of course, the arrival of the Director General of Seeds gives hope and enthusiasm to the farming community, especially rice farmers, in Lingga Regency, which we started five years ago,” said Neko.

Furthermore, Neko also explained that the Government’s seriousness towards the agricultural sector had started since the previous administration, namely Awe-Nizar.

Although it has not yet obtained maximum results, many efforts have been made to involve the central government which is expected to be able to make the agricultural sector a mainstay sector for domestic economic recovery after Covid-19.

In addition to holding rice seed counseling, on the same occasion, Dr. Ir. Mohammad Takdir Mulyadi as the Acting Director of Food Crops Germination, Directorate General of Food Crops, Ministry of Agriculture also took the time to visit the location of the Sorghum Plant Seed Producer Farmer Development (P3BTP) activity, in North Lingga.

During his visit, Takdir Mulyadi conveyed to the public the directions from the Director General of Food Crops, Ministry of Agriculture under the leadership of the Minister of Agriculture (Mentan) Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL).

It is said, the Ministry of Agriculture will continue to strive to encourage an increase in the production of agricultural products. Be it rice food commodities or other commodities, one of which is Sorghum.

With this corporation-based Seed Producer Farmer Development (P3BTP) activity, it is hoped that farmers will be able to increase their farmer capacity and farmer welfare.

The Ministry of Agriculture, continued Mohammad Takdir, will continue to support activities that promote the agricultural sector in various ways, such as providing assistance in the form of elder seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural machinery.

“This will also work if it is supported by the district and provincial governments,” said Mohammad Takdir.

Meanwhile, Lingga Regency is also expected to be able to spearhead food security in the Riau Islands region.

When the agricultural sector is really focused on working on, then Lingga Regency can certainly succeed in becoming a rice barn in this marine, coastal area of ​​Indonesia.

Hopefully, it is not only the Lingga Regency Government that really focuses on developing the agricultural sector, but also all regional governments in the territory of Indonesia in order to realize the agricultural sector as a mainstay sector.

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