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How Long Should You Boil Eggs? This is how to boil eggs according to the level of maturity

  • Share – There is a question that often comes to mind when processing eggs into various home dishes. Ideally, how long should it take to boil an egg?

Boiled eggs are a food with a high source of animal protein. Boiled eggs are often used by most people in the diet program that is being run. Because, boiled eggs have various health benefits.

But keep in mind, the benefits that are in the content of boiled eggs may not be optimal and will be lost if you don’t boil the eggs properly. This is for example due to boiling eggs too long or too short.

The duration of boiling eggs will affect the level of maturity. Some people like eggs that are half cooked or perfectly cooked.

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Illustration of a boiled egg.  (Elements Envato)
Illustration of a boiled egg. (Elements Envato)

So, how long does it take to boil the right egg? Check out the following review.

Long Boiling Eggs

The duration of time needed to boil eggs is 5 minutes to 12 minutes with the water already boiling before the eggs are inserted.

If you choose hard-boiled eggs, just boil them for 5-7 minutes. For more details, the following is the level of doneness of boiled eggs for consideration.

  • 5-7 minutes: Half-boiled eggs with soft and runny yolks
  • 8 minutes: Eggs are still soft on the yolk and soft but not runny
  • 10 minutes: Eggs are mostly cooked but slightly soft in the middle
  • 12 minutes: Boiled eggs are cooked perfectly

Tips for Boiling Eggs Correctly

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  1. First, prepare a large pot and fill it with enough water so that the eggs can be submerged in the water.
  2. The size of the pot affects the number of eggs that can be boiled at one time, as long as the eggs are completely submerged.
  3. Heat the water to a boil and reduce the heat on the stove when the water is already boiling.
  4. Insert the egg slowly so that the egg does not break.
  5. Make sure the boiling water doesn’t bubble too strongly to prevent the eggs from cracking.
  6. Boil the eggs according to the level of doneness from 7 minutes to 12 minutes.
Illustration of a boiled egg (Shutterstock).
Illustration of a boiled egg (Shutterstock).

That’s brief information about how long to boil eggs and how to boil eggs based on the level of maturity.

Hopefully the following information helps you to boil eggs properly and according to the level of maturity. Good luck!

Contributors: Muhammad Zuhdi Hidayat

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