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Starting from the Cattle Cage, Taiwanese Men Can Now Pocket IDR 187 Trillion of Assets

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The prospect of the company being run is considered to have developments in a positive direction. The statement was confirmed by an analyst at Industrial Securities Shanghai Zhao Shuli.

“I expect that Nike can transfer more orders to the company in the medium term,” said Shuli.

However, during the pandemic season that hit every sector of the economy, every businessman had to change the business model he was running in order to remain sustainable. If not, the business being run will lose to the existing pandemic.

Responding to this, Zhao said that the global consumer environment was indeed hit by a pandemic in 2020, so far he has tried to maintain stable capacity and shipments.

One of these efforts is aimed at maintaining the amount of profit that will be obtained by the company. “Its global factory location helps achieve better profit growth than other industry peers,” Zhao added.

On Huali’s official website, the income report received by the company is published and the results show a figure of IDR 30.26 trillion in 2020. Then, in 2021 the net profit received will increase by 8 percent from the previous year to IDR 27.37 trillion.

However, regardless of the company’s motives for publishing the net profit it received, Zhao stated that the pandemic situation and the company’s dependence on certain large clients could hamper the company’s growth.

“I’m just going to keep doing the things I’m good at,” he concluded.

Reporter: Caroline Saskia

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