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How to Create Email Aliases in Gmail-Apple Mail, Important to Maintain Privacy

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Email is one of the crucial things and security should be considered. In this way, you can keep it safe from unwanted things such as personal data security.

Well, how to use aliases. An email alias is an alternative address that still directs messages to your original inbox. Basically, you get a new address without the hassle of setting up a new account with its own login requirements. This alternative identity has many uses, including managing your inbox and protecting your privacy.

In general, an email alias acts as a ‘doorway’ to your primary email address. In other words, anything sent to this variation of the alias will arrive in the same inbox as the message destined for your primary address. Your real email address will be kept confidential.

This is how you can create an email alias.

1. How to create an alias in Gmail

Start by logging into your Gmail account, select ‘Settings’, click ‘Tab Accounts and Imports’, tap ‘Send Mail As’ and finally tap ‘Add Another Email Address Your Own’.

2. How to create an alias in Apple Mail

On Mail, click the ‘Settings’ section and then select ‘Preferences’. Click ‘Account’ and touch ‘Add alias’. The alias name must be 3 to 20 characters long. Select ‘OK’ and click ‘Finish’.

3. How to create an alias in Outlook (Microsoft Mail account)

Sign in to your Microsoft account. Go to ‘Add alias’. Under ‘Add alias’, do one of the following:

  • Create a new email address and add it as an alias.
  • Add an existing email address as an alias.
  • Then, don’t forget to click ‘Add alias’.

Oh yeah, for the record, you can’t add an email address associated with a work or school account as an alias. An alias or email address can only contain letters, numbers, periods (.), underscores (_) or dashes/hyphens (-). Spaces and other special characters are not allowed.

Also, existing Hotmail, Live,, and MSN addresses cannot be added as aliases, and you cannot add aliases that are already associated with another Microsoft account.

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