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Ducati Monster 1200 Retro Racer Full Carbon Body Maximum Specs

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© Provided by GridOto dB25, Ducati Monster 1200 retro racer Simon Jessop

deBolex Engineering produces the dB25 which is a retro racer based on the Ducati Monster 1200 that looks scary. – Many builders are now not only working on customer-ordered projects, but also making limited edition projects. One example is the deBolex Engineering crew who made the dB25 retro racer based on the Ducati Monster 1200 and there will only be 25 units. Here are two ready-made dB25 units, the yellow one being a prototype with aluminum bodies.

© Provided by GridOto The motorcycle that was produced only 25 units has carbon bodies and high spec Simon Jessop. While the white one and the remaining 23 units are the final version and will use a carbon fiber body. Of course, the changes made are not small, starting from the legs that use the 48 mm Ohlins upside down. Then for the two wheels using Dymang UP7X aluminum forged rims which are so charming and cool.

© Provided by GridOto The suspension and both wheels received a special Simon Jessop upgrade. While the rear suspension was upgraded with a Maxton RT10 monoshock to compensate for the front suspension. Then for the engine sector, it only gets a few minor changes, such as installing a custom exhaust system. For this exhaust system, deBolex has prepared four options and one of them is the SC Project as installed on these two units.

© Provided by GridOto The engine sector has four exhaust options, then the subframe is replaced with Simon Jessop aluminum material. Moving on to the bodywork, there is a new aluminum subframe with a bolt-on model for the rear frame.

Then above it is installed a classic style tail and a custom quick release seat with a variety of colors and leather choices.

Next, the deBolex crew made a custom tank and fairing with a tiny headlamp that was given a cover to make it look more presentable.

© Provided by GridOto Full carbon bodies with Simon Jessop retro design

Then for the cockpit, Giller clip-on handlebars, aftermarket speedometer, and Brembo master can be upgraded to Magura HC3.

Lastly, as a finisher, deBolex frees up color choices for the units they order.

© Provided by GridOto dB25 retro racer based on the Ducati Monster 1200 Simon Jessop

As a result, with all these changes, the dB25 was created with the base of the Ducati Monster 1200 which is so scary and cool.

Editor: Fedrick Wahyu

Copyright Gridoto

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