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Overcome the Housing Backlog with a Balanced Residential Concept

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Jakarta: The Large-Scale Housing Development Program (PPSB) for low-income people (MBR) can accelerate the massive construction of subsidized housing.

The Director General of Housing at the PUPR Ministry, Khalawi Abdul Hamid, said that one of the targets for the PPSB recommendation was for the MBR, so they could quickly build massive subsidized houses.

“In addition, we will also continue to encourage balanced housing to solve the housing backlog problem,” he said at an online seminar in Jakarta, Monday, August 23, 2021.

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According to Khalawi, for the second term of the current administration, President Joko Widodo is continuing the one million houses program with acceleration and innovation.

One of the innovations recommended by the five pillars consists of the pillars of The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Institute, the private pillars in the form of banking and developers, then the academic pillars from all campuses in Indonesia, the GRIYA KITA pillar, namely self-help NGOs in the housing sector, and finally pillars of the bureaucratic caucus of the government.

“This simultaneously and continuously conducts discussions to develop concepts and several recommendations, one of which is the recommendation for Large-Scale Housing Development or PPSB,” said Khalawi.

The Director General of Housing also added that the pilot project that has been prepared for PPSB is in Tangerang Regency and has been designed for a long time by all stakeholders from the five housing pillars.

In addition to the PPSB, the five pillars also recommend the development of community-based housing. .

The One Million Houses Program is a program that mobilizes all stakeholders, including the central government, regional governments, the private sector, such as banks, developers and other housing-related industry players, to collaborate to build as many houses as possible. Thus one million houses is a minimal number.

Since the first period of President Joko Widodo’s administration in 2015-2019, it has reached 4.8 million more housing units than the 5 million housing units that the government has targeted at a minimum.


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