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Try to Increase PAD in the Tourism Sector

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TENGGARONG. People’s representatives in the DPRD of Kutai Kartanegara Regency (Kukar), continue to work with related parties to discuss the 2021-2026 Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD). Indeed, in the future, the Kukar Regency Government will have to face tough challenges. This was revealed in the 15th Plenary Session of Session III, with the Final Report and Approval of the Kukar DPRD against the 2021-2026 RPJMD, taking place Monday (16/8).

“In the Final Report and the DPRD’s approval of the 2021-2026 RPJMD Kukar Raperda, there were inputs from the commissions regarding the RPJMD targets. For example, Commission II, provided important input. In particular, regarding the efforts of related parties, in order to keep trying to increase PAD (Regional Original Opinion) from the tourism sector. Even though we are currently in a Covid-19 pandemic,” said the Chairman of the Kukar DPRD, Abdul Rasid, who chaired the plenary meeting, accompanied by the Deputy Chairs of the Kukar DPRD, namely Alif Turiadi, Didik Agung Eko Wahono and Siswo Cahyono.

Likewise with other activities, such as unfinished infrastructure related development, so that they can be completed. All of that must be included in the RPJMD, carried out in stages until it is completed within a period of 5 years. This was also conveyed by Commission III of the Kukar DPRD, by providing input regarding the availability of clean water.

“Only a few percent of the people in the Kukar area can enjoy clean water. So that Commission III for the next 5 years, the Kukar Regency Government can overcome the problem of the availability of clean water,” explained Rasid – as this Golkar Party politician is familiarly called – again.

Meanwhile, regarding agricultural development in a broad sense, it also received input from the Kukar DPRD. Because until now, the development of the agricultural sector has only focused on the development of rice and secondary crops, such as corn. In the future, we are asked to keep up with the times.

“The agricultural sector will be able to develop the cultivation of red ginger and porang plants which have great potential to be developed. A number of inputs from the commissions are expected to be considered by the executive (Kukar Regency Government, ed),” he said.

A number of inputs from the legislature regarding the 2021-2026 RPJMD target were well received by the Deputy Regent of Kukar Rendi Solihin. According to Rendi, for example, regarding efforts to increase PAD in the tourism sector during the pandemic and other things, including the priorities of the Kukar Regency Government in the future.

“We have formulated as many as 23 Kukar development programs in the future. This includes agriculture, tourism, and efforts to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak. The Kukar RPJMD has also gone through stages. It has been discussed since early August 2021 and then we submitted the RPJMD document to the DPRD for further discussion. Indeed, the time is short, because August 26, 2021 has to be completed, “explained Rendi. (idn/adv/beb)

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