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6 Ways to Make WA Stickers Using Your Own Images

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The progress of WhatsApp aka WA in developing its application has been done several years ago. Starting from giving secure code to the delete message feature. So that chatting more exciting, application developers also add WhatsApp features by providing funny and unique stickers. is Parents already know how to make WA stickers?

In fact, WhatsApp frees its users to be creative in making their own stickers, lo. In the past, to be able to make attractive stickers, one had to have the ability coding qualified, this apparently is not the case now.

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How to Make WA Stickers

1. Make WA Stickers Using Applications, Download Through Play Store

how to make wa sticker

These third-party applications can be obtained through the Play Store. Parents You can type in the search field on the Play Store, namely Sticker Maker.

There are many WhatsApp sticker maker applications available with various features. Choose an application whose capacity matches the internal memory space smartphone.

2. Select the Image or GIF Used for the Sticker

6 Ways to Make WhatsApp Stickers Using Your Own Images, It's Really Easy!

In making WhatsApp stickers, Parents can use images or GIFs if you want the sticker display to move. Usually, the sticker is in the form of an image accompanied by funny writings or one that represents the image displayed. While GIFs are usually short animated videos that will make the sticker war on WhatsApp more exciting.

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3. Edit the Image Before Use

6 Ways to Make WhatsApp Stickers Using Your Own Images, It's Really Easy!

Before practicing how to make WhatsApp stickers with the application, you should first edit the image as attractive and clear as possible. To edit an image, Parents You can rely on image editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Background Eraser if you want to remove it background on the image before adding the text.

4. Give Interesting Words

6 Ways to Make WhatsApp Stickers Using Your Own Images, It's Really Easy!

The words in WhatsApp stickers are usually very diverse and attractive. There are those that represent feelings to jokes that are able to churn the stomach. Make sure the words that Parents use for WhatsApp stickers can be digested by all ages and does not display harsh language, yes. Don’t forget, the image format you want to use as a sticker must be in PNG format.

5. Insert Image

how to make wa sticker

After the edited image is ready, the next step is to enter the image in the sticker maker application. First of all, open the Sticker Maker application that has been downloaded. Usually the user will be asked to enter a name sticker pack that want to be made.

Parents will be directed to the next page, click the ‘Gallery’ icon to upload the image you want to use as a sticker. After the photo or image is uploaded, click ‘Smart Select’ to cut the image more neatly.

If you want to add text to make the image more lively and interesting, Parents just select the ‘Text’ icon provided on the application. Next, when the sticker is ready, click ‘Save Sticker’.

After that, all you have to do is link the custom stickers Parents on WhatsApp by clicking the ‘Add to Whatsapp’ option. Well, now the sticker is ready to use.

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6. How to Make WhatsApp Stickers Without Downloading the Application

how to make wa sticker

Besides being very easy to do, this method can also save memory space on your computer smartphone. Well, if you want to use this method, make sure the internet connection is smooth so that the website can be accessed.

First of all, go to one of the WhatsApp sticker maker sites. Parents can use the site Next, click the ‘Choose Image’ button and select an image or GIF that has been prepared for making a sticker.

After the image isupload, fill in WhatsApp number Parents. Then, click the ‘Create’ button to create a sticker. After that, click ‘Send Sticker’ to send a sticker on your WhatsApp number Parents.

After the sticker is sent, save the sticker to the favorites column. Well, artificial stickers Parents will be stored there.


How to make stickers online online it is considered easier and also shorter than making stickers via the Play Store application. The downside is Parents you have to edit the image and the text first and then upload it to the system website-his. Because, on website no image editing options are provided.

In short, all ways to make WA stickers, either via online or use the application, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Parents can choose according to comfort and availability of indoor space smartphone. How Parents, very easy isn’t it?

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