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In the midst of the Covid 19 Pandemic, Antonius Tumanggor Asks for Fish and Plant Seed Assistance Programs to be Promoted –

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Medan, – The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of the City of Medan was asked to re-invigorate the empowerment program for yard land with productive plants and raising catfish. This program last year was realized through the provision of chili plant seeds and catfish seeds to the community, especially those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This was conveyed by a member of Commission IV of the Medan DPRD who is also the Deputy Chair of the Nasdem Party Faction of the Medan DPRD, Antonius Devolis Tumanggor (photo), Monday (23/8/2021). According to him, when implementing PPKM level 4 in Medan City, the current OPD of the Medan City Government must be more innovative in supporting the hard work of Medan Mayor M Bobby Nasution in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Be it the preparation of Isoter or support for those who carry out Isoman as well as improving the community’s economy,” said Antonius

One of them is the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, which has been aggressively pursuing productive crop and catfish farming programs since last year.
“This program must be further encouraged so that city residents, especially those affected by the pandemic, have side and activities that are economically beneficial. At least the needs for the family can be helped,” said Antonius, who is from Dapil 1 Medan City.

Antonius gave an example last year, residents of Medan Helvetia formed a Poktan (Farmers Group) and received assistance with fish seeds and plant seeds.
Even during the Medan DPRD Recess, it was coupled with the distribution of catfish and tilapia seeds as well as flower seeds and productive plants. The community has felt it so it needs to be encouraged again.

For now, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is expected to increase assistance in the form of chicks and ducks. Likewise for animal feed when small or beginners.

Meanwhile, the Head of Agriculture and Fisheries Affairs, Ikhsar Risyad Marbun, said that his party was still developing fish nurseries and productive plants to help the community amid the Covid-19 pandemic that was still spreading in the city of Medan.

Breeding fish seeds and productive plants to accommodate the demands of residents who use simple yards and ponds.
“We have also programmed in FY 2022 so that the demand for fish seeds and productive plant seeds can be met,” said Marbun. (lamru)

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