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6 Famous Old-school Foods in Indonesia, Make Nostalgic Page 3

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Dadar Gulung

7 ways to make soft omelet rolls easy to practice at home


Dadar roll is an old school food that is very famous in Indonesia. This sweet snack is easy to find in various regions with various variants. The taste is delicious and soft, making omelet rolls favored by all circles.

Usually, omelette rolls are often served at certain events, such as Eid moments, thanksgiving, to weddings. Its soft texture and sweet taste make omelette rolls to spoil the tongue.


Gulali is a very famous old school food in Indonesia. This sweet snack has different names, some call it grandmother’s hair, sweet arum, and gulali. Usually, gulali is served with crackers in the shape of a circle.

Over time, cotton candy began to be made in various colors. There are pink, green, and yellow ones. In addition, the taste of cotton candy is also increasingly diverse, such as pandan, durian, melon, and many more.

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