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IPDMIP Banggai Field School Phase I Targets 500 Farmers in 11 Irrigation Districts –

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BERITABANGGAI.COM, LUWUK – The Integrated Participatory Development and Management of Irrigation Program (IPDMIP) of Banggai Regency is expected to be able to improve the quality of farmers in this area.

IPDMIP Program Manager Banggai Regency, Raslim, SP told this media, Monday (23/8/2021) explaining that currently his party is still focusing on implementing rice field schools in the program’s target areas. One of them is to carry out a program review that was held at the Banggai Regency TPHP Office this afternoon.

According to him, in the first phase of the field school implementation, his party targeted 500 farmers spread over eight sub-districts with 11 irrigation areas who would be trained and given education. The 500 farmers were accommodated in 20 groups of rice field schools that were the targets of the Banggai Regency IPDIMP program.

“We are currently still focusing on the Tamana padi field school, with 500 farmers in 8 sub-districts and 11 targeted irrigation areas,” he said.

For the second phase of the field school, he said, it will be held at the end of August, or at least in early September 2021.

He hopes that self-help extension workers and assistant extension workers can carry out their duties to the maximum, to make this program a success.

Meanwhile, the IPDMIP Assistant of Masama Sub-district, Zulfikar Nasrullah Djano.Sp, explained to the media that specifically in the Masama Sub-district which is the target of the program, currently the eighth meeting of the 12 meetings in the field school program has been entered.

“The meeting is up to 12 meetings. From land preparation to harvesting. Now if Masama has had the eighth meeting, “Zulfikar said.


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