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Easy for beginners to do at home, here are 6 ways to take care of taro plants – Riau Barometer

  • Share – Taro is one of the ornamental plants that requires extra care. However, even so, there are ways to care for taro plants that are suitable for beginners.

The wide leaves of taro with shades of green, white and red are certainly a dream for lovers of this one plant. However, to produce fertile and beautiful taro you need to choose the right planting media and care.

How to care for taro plants:

1. Choose the right planting medium

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One of the best media mixes for taro is black soil, rice husks, and roasted husks or husk charcoal.

2. Adjust the lighting

Caladiums do better in indirect light or moderate shade indoors. The narrower the leaves, the more sunlight it can hold. Therefore, direct sunlight can scorch the taro leaves.

3. Use liquid fertilizer

Treatment of taro can be done with liquid fertilizer type NPK 16-16-16 or rice washing water. The recommended dose of diluting fertilizer is half a tablespoon for 20 liters.

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One pot of taro requires at least 250 ml of NPK 16-16-16, then water it near the plant roots.


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