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Mothers in this complex have turned empty land into organic farming

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CILEUNYI, AYOBANDUNG.COM — Dozens of women in the Bukit Mekar Indah Complex, Cimekar Village, Cileunyi District, Bandung Regency, have turned vacant land into organic farming.

No half-hearted, in doing organic farming, the women of the complex build a green house like a professional farm.

The land used by the complex’s mothers for organic farming is located on the edge of the complex. The land belongs to the developer but housing cannot be built because it is under SUTET.

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The women of the complex who farm organically formed a farmer group called the Women’s Farmers Group.

The organic farming developed by the women of the complex has been running for about 2 years.

“Initially there was an organic farming extension. There was also an agricultural engineer, Mrs. Ella,” said Dedah, a member of the Women Farmers Group at Bukit Mekar Indah Complex, Monday, August 23, 2021.

Starting from the counseling, Ir Ella then initiated the formation of a farmer group with all members of the complex. In total there are 20 women who are involved in the farmer group.

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The vacant land near the complex was then transformed into agricultural land by the women with the concept of organic farming.

Fertilizer comes from organic waste from households which is processed into compost. In addition, given manure.

Almost all of the farming work is done by the women of the complex. Except for heavy work such as clearing land which is done by other people who are paid.

“In the beginning, he only farmed vegetables, such as red spinach, green spinach, celery, chili and pekcoy,” he said.

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But now some plants have been developed such as Strawberry and coffee as well as other crops.

The local government responded well to the seriousness of the women in the organic farming complex, so a green house was built so that the vegetables grown could be free from pests.

Since two years running, the women and members of the Women Farmers Group take turns taking care of the plants such as watering and others. Two days a week we gather to discuss various things and take care of the plants regularly.

“There have been several harvests, moreover the plants that are planted are not old, only one or two months,” he said.

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The agricultural products are sold to residents of the complex at a price of between Rp. 5,000-Rp. 10,000 per bunch of vegetables.

The price is relatively cheaper compared to organic vegetables in the super market. The proceeds from the sale are used to develop, buy seeds and other things that are beneficial to members of the farmer group.

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