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How to Make Cilok, Complete with a Complementary Recipe for Peanut Sauce, Chewy and Rich in Flavor

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DIY NEWS – Cilok or aci dicolok (skewered) is a typical West Java snack made from the main ingredient of aci flour or tapioca. Cilok is usually served with accompaniments such as chili sauce or peanut sauce.

Cilok itself has a round shape similar to meatballs, but has a chewy texture because it is made from tapioca flour. To enrich the taste, Cilok can also be filled with meat, eggs, or shredded according to taste.

The addition of complements such as sauce or chili can follow your taste. Readers can also eat Cilok directly without other complements.

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However, the ratio of the dough must be right so that the texture of the Cilok obtained is just right, not too soft and not too hard. Made from tapioca flour, making Cilok needs to be added with wheat flour.

Adding too much flour can make the Cilok texture hard. However, if you don’t add flour, the Cilok will become too soft.

Therefore, to get the right texture, it is necessary to mix the ratio of wheat flour and tapioca flour properly. Check out how to make Cilok in this article to get a chewy and fail-proof Cilok texture.

Previously, readers could use the ratio of wheat flour and tapioca flour with a count of 1:5. Readers can use 50 grams of wheat flour and 250 grams of tapioca flour.

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