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Due to the Pandemic, Coffee Farmers in Purwakarta find it difficult to sell their crops

  • Share, PURWAKARTA — The potential for coffee products in Purwakarta Regency is dimmed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The head of the Giri Pusaka Forest Village Community Institute, Asep Rahmat Saleh Setiaji, said that the results of coffee production in the region are starting to look promising even though they have not been seriously worked on for a long time.

“LMDH Giri Pusaka owns 319 hectares of land in Kiarapedes District. Of the land area, 20.7 hectares of which are for tourism, while the rest are for coffee and clove cultivators,” Asep told reporters, Monday (23/8/2021).

The coffee plantations in Purwakarta Regency are spread over four sub-districts in the southern region, namely Wanayasa, Bojong, Darangdan, and Kiarapedes sub-districts.

Asep claimed that this coffee from the Kiarapedes District had also become a prima donna in the 2019 West Java International Coffee Festival. There are three advantages of the coffee produced by the people of this Pusakamulya Village.

He explained that the advantages include the acidity of the coffee being medium, containing the spice taste and the taste is the same when drunk at warm or cold temperatures. It was also recognized by coffee lovers who were present at the event which was held in Bandung at that time.

But for the coffee plantation, Asep admitted, during this pandemic, the impact was felt indirectly. Among them, from the economic downturn after the pandemic and PPKM. Because the problem for farmers is marketing.

“Usually marketed in tourist locations (including cafes), now closed. It will automatically affect sales,” he explained.

Asep added that the farmers usually sell their coffee harvest in ‘logs’ or in the form of cherries. The selling price is around Rp. 8,500 per ounce. After being processed into green beans, the price increases to Rp. 90,000. Meanwhile, roasted coffee products are sold for an average of IDR 30,000 per ounce.

Asep hopes that the local government will provide a solution to increase local coffee sales. According to him, Purwakarta Coffee products have greater economic potential next year when viewed from the current condition of the plantations.

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