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How to Make Fertile Aglonema by Mixing Manure in Planting Media

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TRIBUNJAMBI.COM – Aglonema plants require special care in order to thrive.

Starting from planting, watering, fertilizing, drying, everything has a special trick for Aglonema.

This includes Aglonema growing media.

Quoted from the Hobi Bunga YouTube channel, Monday (23/8/2021), the following are easy steps to make aglonema fertile and large.

To make Aglonema thrive, you can add manure to the planting media mix.

Another step to make aglonema fertile and large is not to forget to use manure or animal manure to mix the planting media.

But, use manure or animal manure that has become soil or mixed with soil. At least use manure that has been left for two months.

Why should the planting medium be mixed with manure? Because manure contains a lot of nutrients needed by plants, including aglonema.

If you use manure as a mixture of aglonema growing media, then within two weeks you will see the results.

But remember, the dose of manure must be right or appropriate. If it’s not enough, the aglonema is still fertile but slow, but if it’s too much, the aglonema will overheat.

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