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How to Make WhatsApp Stickers Using Your Own Photos, Very Easy!

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The sticker feature on WhatsApp (WA) has been around for the last few years. WhatsApp already provides several sticker packs that users can download, but what if users want to create stickers with their own photos?

Fortunately WhatsApp allows users to create stickers as they wish. With this, WhatsApp users can create more personalized stickers to share with family and friends.

To make WhatsApp stickers using your own photos, you only need one application, namely the application. This application is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded via the Play Store and App Store.

After downloading the application, follow the easy way to make Whatsapp stickers using your own photos below:


Before making your own WhatsApp stickers, it’s a good idea to first look at the provisions that have been applied by WhatsApp. Based on the post on the WhatsApp FAQ page, homemade stickers must meet the following conditions:

  • Each sticker must have a transparent background
  • Stickers must be 512 x 512 pixels
  • Each sticker must be less than 100KB in size
  • The sticker icon used in the WhatsApp sticker selector or tray must be 96 x 96 pixels in size and less than 50KB.
  • After understanding the conditions for making WhatsApp stickers, let’s proceed to the steps for making them using the application.

How to make WhatsApp stickers using your own photos

  • Open the app on your Android or iOS phone, then log in using your Google or Facebook account
  • Tap the Plus button at the bottom of the screen
  • There will be two sticker options offered, Regular and Animated. Temporarily select the Regular option to create a still or non-animated sticker
  • Select the photo that will be used as a WhatsApp sticker
WhatsApp StickersHow to Make WhatsApp Photo Stickers: Adi Fida Rahman/detikINET
  • Crop the object in the photo so that the background looks transparent. There are three options offered, namely Auto, Manual and Crop. The Auto option can remove the background automatically. If you want the results to be more precise, you can choose Manual mode. Meanwhile the Crop option will crop the area in a square shape.
  • Once the background is gone, you can get creative. To trim the cropped photo, select the Adjust option. To add text to the sticker, select the Text option, and if you want it more interesting you can also add emoji to the sticker.
  • When you’re done making the sticker you want, tap the Next button then enter the tag if you want your sticker to be searchable by many people. After that the Save button to save the sticker that has been made.
WhatsApp StickersHow to Make WhatsApp Photo Stickers: Adi Fida Rahman/detikINET
  • Tap the New Pack option if you want to create a new sticker pack. To add a new sticker to this pack, tap the Add sticker button
  • When you’re done putting together a sticker pack with your homemade stickers, it’s time to add it to WhatsApp. It’s easy, just tap Add to WhatsApp at the bottom of the screen. After that there will be a pop-up prompt on the screen and select Yes
  • To use it, open any chat in the WhatsApp application then tap the sticker icon in the chat column.
WhatsApp StickersWhatsApp Stickers Photo: Adi Fida Rahman/detikINET
  • WhatsApp stickers that have just been created will be immediately displayed in the main column next to the Favorite column.
  • Select the WhatsApp sticker that you have created, then just send it to family and friends.

How about you, it’s not easy to make WhatsApp stickers using your own photos. Good luck yes.

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