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Suggestion of Wild Cattle Anesthesia Weapon

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USE: To catch livestock, Satpol PP only uses ropes.

KOTA MANNA, BE – Head of the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) and South Bengkulu Fire (Damkar) Erwin Muchsin SSos said that currently Satpol PP is having trouble catching roaming cattle. Due to lack of equipment. To make it easier for cattle catchers to roam, the Satpol proposed the procurement of weapons to stun livestock.

“We propose that there is a purchase of an anesthetic weapon for livestock,” he said.

Erwin said, with this weapon, it is easy to catch animals that roam the highway or in public facilities and in residential areas. So far, the only use of rope arrests. Sometimes the cattle that are about to be caught when approached immediately run away. The Satpol also failed to catch the roaming cattle.

“With this drug, roaming cattle can be caught more easily,” he said.

The Head of Satpol PP hopes that the proposal can be approved. With the anesthetic weapon, farmers are also expected to be able to cage their livestock. That way in the future there will be no more cattle roaming the highway, up to residential areas.

“I also urge residents to cage their livestock,” said Erwin.

Erwin explained, with livestock roaming around, it not only causes accidents on the highway, the droppings also disturb the beauty. Even roaming livestock is a pest to residents’ crops. Because it will damage the plants.

“We will continue to try to control the roaming cattle,” concluded Erwin. (369)

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