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Want Your Aglonema Leaves To Be Red? Here’s How

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Mediatani – Recently, more and more people are interested in caring for and collecting ornamental flowers. It is known that there are several kinds of ornamental flowers that are excellent and one of them is aglonema.

Aglonema does have a very interesting pattern. In addition to the very attractive pattern, the beautiful leaf color is also one of the reasons why this aglonema is able to attract the attention of plant lovers.

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In general, aglonema has a leaf color that is green or whitish green, but in fact you can lighten the color of the leaves to a reddish color. This is done so that the aglonema you have can look more beautiful and of course have a higher selling price.

In the market, aglonema with a lighter leaf color is estimated to have a higher selling price than aglonema with a paler color, such as aglonema lipstick.

Even so, those of you who already have pale aglonema don’t need to be sad. Because, there are various ways you can do so that your aglonema leaves can also turn redder, one of them is by adjusting the fertilization.

Reported from Zamroni Channel, on Sunday (22/08/2021), various ways can be done so that aglonema leaves can turn red.

Place in an area not exposed to direct sunlight

The first way you can do is adjust the location of the aglonema plant. Aglonema is a type of ornamental plant that can live outdoors and indoors.

When you want to put it in the house, you have to make sure that your Aglonema plant can be exposed to sunlight even though it is indirectly.

You can outsmart it by using fiber on the roof so that indirect sunlight can enter the room. This method is considered effective for brightening the color of Aglonema leaves.


Aglonema houseplants are plants that do not require too much water. So, you only need to water it once a week. For optimal results, you can add organic fertilizer every four days.

After that, Aglonema was watered with 16-16-16 NPK fertilizer every two weeks. First, the NPK fertilizer is dissolved as much as one tablespoon (sdm) into three liters of water.


Not only focusing on the treatment, the selection and application of fertilizers is also important if you want to get a more reddish aglonema leaf color.

There are some special tips so that your aglonema leaves turn red. You need to prepare the following materials:

  • One liter of clean water
  • 16 tablespoons gandasil B (dose according to age and size of aglonema)
  • One liter water bottle filter

The steps to make the fertilizer are:

First, you dissolve 16 tablespoons of gandasil B into one liter of water, then stir until all the ingredients are well mixed.

Second, filter the mixture using a sieve and then put it in a spray bottle. Then finally, spray the fertilizer solution on the plants or growing media.

Those are some tips that you can apply to your aglonema plants. Good luck!

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