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Why Are Homegrown Chilies Not Spicy? Causes and Solutions

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JAKARTA, – Chili is synonymous with a distinctive spicy sensation. It’s hard to imagine chili not being spicy unless you’re a true lover of spicy food.

In fact, chili peppers come in varying degrees of spiciness, as measured on the Scoville index. This index measures spicy units and can range from zero to 2 million.

There are several environmental and varietal reasons that cause chili peppers to be hot or not spicy at all. There are various ways to get spicy chilies for this basic need.

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So, why are chilies grown by themselves not spicy? Here are the causes and solutions, as quoted from Gardening Know How, Saturday (7/8/2021).

Illustration of chili plant, growing chili.SHUTTERSTOCK/KHAN3145 Illustration of chili plant, growing chili.

The various degrees of spiciness that develop in chili peppers depend on the amount of capsaicin. Maybe the chili you grew yourself was not spicy, maybe because you chose the wrong variety.

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Some types of chili plants have a fairly mild level of spiciness such as bell peppers, pepperoncini, and paprika, all of which have a low Scoville index. Jalapeno and habanero, for example, can have a mild to moderate spiciness.

The type of chili that holds the world record for spiciness is the Trinidad Scorpion, which is close to 1.5 million Scoville units.

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The reason why the chili that is grown alone is not spicy

Chili plants need lots of heat, water, and sunlight. Without one of these conditions, chili peppers will not fully ripen.

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