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It is the farmer who raises the dignity of Banyuasin

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SUMEKS, CO – BANYUASIN – Banyuasin Regent H. Askolani SH MH held the IP 100 Rice Harvest Festival. This time, the number 1 person in Banyuasin was accompanied by his wife, Dr. Sri Fitrianti Askolani on Jl. Merita Rt. 23 Hamlet 6 Sungai Pinang Village, Kec. Rambutan, Kab. Banyuasin Sunday (22/8/2021).

Panen Raya together with the Sinar Harapan Farmers Group assisted by Bank Sumsel Babel Syariah were also attended by the Head of the South Sumatra Food Crops and Horticulture Agency, Head of the Service, Head of the Banyuasin Food Crops and Horticulture Agency, Head of the Banyuasin Food Security Service, Acting Head of the Communication and Information Office Banyuasin, Head of the Banyuasin Plantation and Livestock Service, Directors of Bank Sumsel Babel, Head of Rambutan Sub-district, and Head of Sungai Pinang Village.

On this occasion Askolani said he was very excited to support the farmers in Banyuasin to increase agricultural output.

“It is Banyuasin farmers who will raise the dignity of Banyuasin. Therefore, we as leaders in Banyuasin who must pay attention, are really farmers in Banyuasin. That’s why we are present today in the midst of the farmers to see firsthand the harvest with the farmers,” he said.

Askolani also thanked banks such as Bank Sumsel Babel for maximizing and realizing the People’s Business Credit (KUR) for farmers so that farmers were assisted for capital.

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