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PPKM Impact, Chili Prices in Sampang Free Falls

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Sampang ( – Chili farmers in Sampang Regency are starting to get dizzy because the price of chili has recently fallen three times from the normal price.

The cause of this free fall in chili prices is because the harvest is abundant, while market or consumer demand is declining. Thus, the abundance of chili harvests does not bring benefits to farmers, but on the contrary.

According to Zainal, a chili farmer from Kara Village, Torjun District, Sampang Regency, admitted that normally, middlemen buy chilies at a price of Rp. 35 thousand to Rp. 40 thousand per kilogram, now they only sell for around Rp. 10 thousand per kilogram.

“Actually, the drop in chili prices is the impact of Level 4 PKM which is always extended, the market has many middlemen who do not operate,” explained Zainal, Saturday (7/8/2021).

According to him, the drop in chili prices was also due to the large stock of collectors. Moreover, in the midst of PPKM, chili consumption decreased because many MSMEs did not sell. Of course, this fact has an impact on agricultural yields.

The same thing was also said by Salam (45), another chili farmer said that the current decline in chili prices made farmers lose money. Therefore, the operational costs and plant maintenance are not balanced with sales. “We hope that this condition will soon recover as usual, because the impact of PPKM is felt by farmers,” he said.[sar/kun]

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