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Predicted to be released in September 2021, Key Realme Pad specifications revealed to the public

  • Share – Realme is reportedly preparing to work on the Realme Pad as a new series tablet from its family. Ahead of its arrival, the key specifications of the Realme Pad were then revealed to the public.

According to a number of rumors circulating, the new Realme Pad will be introduced in September 2021 as the new flagship of the Realme family.

Reporting from Gizmochina, the Realme Pad will be released using a 10.4-inch AMOLED panel. In terms of dimensions, the Realme Pad measures 246 x 156 x 6.8 mm.

Regarding the innards, no information has been revealed regarding what chipset is used by the Realme Pad. However, previous leaks mentioned that this new Realme device uses a 7,100 mAh battery.

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Other leaks say that the Realme Pad will come with 6 GB RAM capacity and 64 GB capacity for internal storage.

Realme Pad.  (Really)
Realme Pad. (Really)

In addition, the Realme Pad is also believed to use a single camera on the back. Chances are, the Realme Pad will rely on an 8 MP camera on the back and an 8 MP sensor on the front for selfies.

Several other features brought by the Realme Pad are support for 5G connectivity as well as WiFi and LTE to support the network sector of this new device from the Realme family.

Not only that, Realme Pad is also believed to have stylus pen support typical of a number of other contemporary tablets produced by other vendors.

Interestingly, Realme Pad is believed to use quad speakers to pamper its users in daily use.

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According to leaks circulating, the Realme Pad is likely to come in two color variants, namely gray and gold. Furthermore, the new Realme Pad is predicted to launch in September 2021.

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