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Great! This Millennial Farmer Is Able To Export 30 Tons Of Potatoes Every Month

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Graduating as an agricultural graduate did not make Agus Wibowo interested in looking for work. Instead, he returned home to become a potato farmer.

Located in Magelang, Central Java, the man who is familiarly called Agus started farming after completing his education in agriculture. Agus is the son of a farming family, his parents sent him to high school not to make him an employee. Agus’s parents hoped that their son could become a farmer.

Yes, Agus’s parents’ dream came true. His son is now a successful millennial farmer. Through the Capcapung youtube channel (6/8), Agus shared stories about his profession as a potato farmer.

Great!  This Millennial Farmer Is Able To Export 30 Tons Of Potatoes Every MonthGreat! This Millennial Farmer Is Able To Export 30 Tons Of Potatoes Every Month Photo: youtube dragonfly

Agus admits that the village where he was born has very good natural resources to be developed in the agricultural sector. Unfortunately, this is not matched by the ability of its human resources.

Agus returned to his hometown, he brought knowledge to the world of agriculture. Agus is a millennial potato farmer who develops premium potato seeds and plants with a modern system.

With these superior seeds, Agus can produce good quality and abundant potatoes.

“We make premium potato seeds. There are two types of potatoes that we develop, there are vegetable potatoes and industrial potatoes,” said Agus.

Those included in the vegetable potato category are the types of potatoes that are usually cooked daily into vegetable soup, french fries or cakes. This potato has a soft, fluffier character and has a high sugar content so it tastes sweet.

As for industrial potatoes, Agus explained that this type of potato is white in color, has low water and sugar content. Usually processed to make potato chips, potato sticks and so on.

“Industrial potatoes, when fried, dry quickly, have low water and sugar content,” explained Agus.

Initially Agus grew potatoes on his own land, but due to the soaring demand, he finally invited local farmers to partner. Farmers are given seeds and medicinal plants.

A contract system is also applied here, so the potatoes planted by these farmers will be directly purchased by Agus when they are harvested. Thus, farmers are no longer confused to find buyers of potatoes.

“Farmers are given seed capital and medicines. There is a contract at the beginning, so farmers don’t have to be confused about looking for a market,” said Agus.

For the type of industrial potato, Agus said that he was already bound by a contract agreement with the company. Every month he supplies 30 tons of potatoes for export. Meanwhile, the vegetable potatoes produced are also able to sell an average of 30 tons per month.

To millennial youth, Agus advised to try to get into the world of agriculture because this business is promising.

“For young people, Indonesia needs millennial farmers. We can’t just continue to rely on conventional farmers. Come on, young people, students, agricultural graduates return to the village to farm. If the agricultural world does not advance, there will be a food crisis,” concluded Agus.

Besides farming, Agus also opens opportunities for young people who want to learn about agriculture. The garden is always open to anyone who wants to study agriculture, especially potato plants.

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