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Effective Tips to Overcome Tobacco Fleas Effectively

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Tobacco is very synonymous with cigarettes or cigars. However, apart from being a raw material for making cigarettes, this plant has several other benefits, namely as herbal medicine for diabetes and antibodies, inflammation medicine, wound medicine, herbal medicine for HIV/AIDS, to release leech bites, and as a reactor for producing GCSF protein, namely important hormone to stimulate blood production.

Tobacco is one of the plantation commodities that has a major contribution in contributing to state revenue. This plant has many types or varieties that generally require a certain climate to thrive. Depending on the type, tobacco can be grown in the lowlands or highlands with an altitude range of 0 – 900 meters above sea level.

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Fleas on tobacco attack in two periods, namely during the cultivation process and post-harvest or in storage. Even though they are both called lice, the tobacco lice that attack in these two periods are different pests, namely the whitefly on cultivated plants, and the barn lice that attack dry tobacco.

  1. Smoke lice

Whitefly or Bemisia tabacci are small insects that attack tobacco plants, namely on the leaves. These pests usually settle under the leaves to avoid exposure to sunlight and damage plants by sucking the fluids and nutrients present in the leaves. Slowly, the leaves needed for the photosynthesis process will turn yellow and then fall, causing the plant to lack nutrients to grow so that its growth becomes stunted.

  1. warehouse tick

If the whitefly attacks while the tobacco is still in its growth phase, the barn lice attack when the tobacco is dry and being stored in the warehouse. This warehouse pest attack can damage dry tobacco so that its quality falls. Therefore, control efforts are needed to reduce losses.

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Small insects that attack dry tobacco in warehouses are usually known as cigarette beetles or tobacco beetles. As the name suggests, this insect with the scientific name Lasioderma serricorne belongs to the beetle group. Although called the tobacco beetle, this little brown insect doesn’t just attack tobacco. It also attacks cigars, cigarette wrapping paper, dry food, and even spices.

Tobacco Lice Control Efforts

There are many ways that can be used to control lice on tobacco, one of them is by using tobacco lice medicine. However, before that, monitoring must still be carried out so that the spraying process becomes effective and efficient, as well as to prevent pests from becoming immune or resistant to the pesticides used. Because there are two types of lice that attack tobacco plants at two different times, the control efforts are different.

  1. Smoke flea control

Smoke lice attack tobacco that is still in the process of growth. Therefore, these pests tend to be easier to monitor and control. Especially because the white color of the whitefly is in stark contrast to the green color of the tobacco leaves. Despite their small size, this pest can be seen easily under the leaves.

Efforts to control it can be by mechanical means, namely by taking tobacco aphids directly and then throwing them away. However, this method is less effective and difficult to do if the area planted with tobacco is quite large. Control by planting corn as a hedge and planting refugia plants can also be done. The use of drugs or pesticides can also be done, but as a last resort if other methods are no longer effective in controlling whitefly populations in the cultivated area.

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Whitefly drugs or pesticides that can be used to control these pests are insecticides with the active ingredient chlorpyrifos. In its application, this material can be mixed with soap or detergent, as well as growth stimulants or PGR. When spraying, make sure to hit the underside of the leaf where the tick is hiding.

  1. Warehouse flea control

For barn bugs or tobacco beetle, control efforts can be done by fumigation. This is because pest attacks tend to be evenly distributed and massive, making it difficult to control in other ways. The use of fumigation as a control effort has advantages because the gas has a high infiltration power. The chemical used as a fumigant is aluminum phosphide which is capable of producing phosphine gas.

From the two methods above, efforts to control tobacco lice in the warehouse must be carried out to ensure that there are no tobacco lice that can damage the crop. You can use Fumiphos tablets which are effective for getting rid of tobacco lice in warehouses.

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