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4 Ways to Make Baked Cheesecake to Be Soft and Not Flatten

  • Share – There are basically two types cheesecake which are commonly made, namely baked cheesecake and chilled cheesecake.

How to make cheesecake Baking isn’t really that complicated. However, there are small details that must be considered so that cheesecake not lumpy and soft texture.

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Here are some ways to make cheesecake so as not to slack which is easy to put into practice. It could be a provision for those of you who are making it for the first time.

1. Use room temperature cream cheese

Launching from “Cake Shop Mainstay Product – Cheese Cake” by Yeni Ismayani published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, to make cheesecake bake should use cream cheese room temperature.

Do not use cream cheese which is still cold because it has the potential to make cheesecake fail.

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2. Roast temperature

Illustration of Basque cheesecake being baked.  Basque cheesecake is a typical Spanish cheesecake. SHUTTERSTOCK/CHAYA-K Illustration of Basque cheesecake being baked. Basque cheesecake is a typical Spanish cheesecake.

The way to make cheesecake so it doesn’t crack is to adjust the oven temperature. The recommended roasting temperature is around 160-180 degrees Celsius.

3. Apply technique water bath or team

In addition to setting the right temperature, it is also recommended to apply techniques water bath or steamed.

The application of this technique is by placing a baking sheet cheesecake on a larger baking sheet filled with water.

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Technical water bath This can make the texture of the cheesecake softer and not burnt. Because, basically cheesecake The roast requires a slightly damp heat.

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