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Until I Can’t Sleep I’m So Regretful Because I Just Know That Only Banana Peel, Gray Hair in Coconut Disappears in an Instant and Hair Becomes Glossy Black, Here’s How – All Pages

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Get rid of gray hair with banana peels, here's how photo collage

Get rid of gray hair with banana peels, here’s how – Don’t worry if there are gray hairs in your hair, you can remove them with a banana peel.

Banana is a tropical fruit that is easily found in Indonesia.

Moms can buy it in traditional markets as well as in modern markets.

The price is also affordable, can be bought by many people.

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Bananas have a sweet taste and are rich in vitamins and nutrients that are good for our health.

So, no wonder many people like to eat bananas.

To get the flesh of the fruit, you have to peel the skin first. Because you think the banana peel is useless, Moms just throw the skin away.

In fact, banana peels can remove gray hair.

The appearance of gray hair really makes Moms upset.

This is because gray hair can ruin your already perfect appearance.

Moms can even lose confidence when there are gray hairs.

Not to mention, gray hair makes the scalp itchy. So, this makes Moms uncomfortable.

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But, since the banana peel, Moms can get rid of gray hair.

Removing gray hair with banana peels will certainly not cause any side effects, this is because banana peels are one of the natural ingredients to remove gray hair.

How come can only banana peels remove gray hair?

Launching from Healthshots, banana peels contain high silica.

The silica in banana peels produces protein and collagen that can make damaged hair look good again.

Because keep in mind, gray hair is not a sign of aging, but a sign that your hair is damaged and must be treated immediately.

To get rid of gray hair with banana peels, simply do this:

– Dry the banana peel, until dry. Then, burn the dried banana peels until they are charred.

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– After burning, mash the banana peel until smooth, add coconut oil or olive oil.

– Apply to hair to scalp, leave overnight.

– Then, rinse with shampoo and clean water.

By doing the above method, the gray hair in your hair is guaranteed to be permanently lost.


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