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5 Recipes for Tender Donuts that are Material-Efficient and Simple to Knead Manually

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  • 350 grams of high protein flour
  • 60 grams of granulated sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp white milk powder
  • 175 ml of lukewarm water
  • 7 grams of yeast
  • 45 grams of margarine

How to make

1. Mix yeast, sugar and warm water. Stir well. Let stand for about 10 minutes until foamy.

2. Mix flour and milk powder. Stir well.

3. Pour the yeast solution into the flour mixture.

4. Add the eggs to the dough. Stir with a spoon until well blended.

5. Add margarine. With hands, mix and knead the dough until well combined.

6. Cover the dough with a wet napkin. Leave it for 20 minutes until it expands.

7. Deflate the dough. Divide the dough into about 25 grams each.

8. Shape the dough into a round shape. Make a hole in the middle with your finger. Sprinkle with a little flour.

9. Let stand for about 15 minutes.

10. Heat the oil. Fry the donuts once in a while so they don’t absorb too much oil. Lift and drain.

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