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Free Uniform Program for Academic Year 2021/2022, Dipendikpora Implements E-Money

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Tulungagung, ( – Program for providing uniform assistance for new students in grade 1 SD/MI and SMP/MTs for the 2021/2022 academic year. The Department of Education, Youth and Sports (Dispendikpora) of Tulungagung Regency will implement an electronic money system (e-money) or electronic money.

In this program, Dispendikpora is budgeting around Rp. 22 billion which is sourced from the 2021 budget year.

Secretary of the Dispendikpora of Tulungagung Regency, Syaifudin Juhri said that the distribution of free uniforms will be different from the previous academic year. Where in the 2020/2021 school year, uniform procurement was carried out through a uniform auction.

However, for now, the provision of free uniforms will be through the electronic money system.e- money) or electronic money.

“Later, each child will get a card that has a QR and a barcode, and the card has a nominal value,” he said.

The man who is familiarly called Udin continued that the nominal value for new students will vary. Where, grade 1 SD/MI students get Rp. 600 thousand, SMP/MTS grade 7 students will get Rp. 750 thousand per student.

“Later e-money These can be exchanged in every cooperative that we have assigned,” he explained.

According to Udin, the provision of free uniforms is not for grade 1 students, both SD/MI and SMP/MTs, but applies to students from underprivileged families who are in grades 3 to 6 of SD/MI. As well as 9th grade students of SMP/MTS.

“But the nominal is different. For grades 3 to 6 SD/MI the nominal value is Rp. 150 thousand. As for the 9th grade students of SMP/MTS, the value is Rp. 250 thousand. Each of the money is also in the form of e-money,” he explained.

As for the requirements for obtaining it, Udin explained that it was proven by a card stating that the student was underprivileged. Such as having to have a Healthy Indonesia Card (KIS), Smart Indonesia Card (KIP), or the Family Hope Program (PKH).

“Must have one of these cards. If you don’t have one, you have to ask for a certificate of incapacity (SKTM) from the village,” he added.

Although allowed to use SKTM, Udin hopes that the assistance this time will be really on target. When later students who use SKTM are proven from capable families, then the principal is responsible.

“Because before the help e-money If given, the SKTM issued from the village will be verified first by the school,” he said. (er/dn)

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