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How to Make Brulee Noodles, a Unique Noodle-Based Processed Food

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PRIANGANTIMURNEWS – Brulee noodles still feel foreign to us. Brulee noodles are like food from China. In fact, this is authentic Indonesian food.

Curious about what brulee noodles are, here we will reveal the recipe and how to make it. So that you can try cooking at home.

As quoted by from Instagram @resepolahanmie, to cook Brulee Noodles there are several ingredients that must be prepared. These materials include.

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Materials that can be prepared:

-2 pieces of egg noodles, boiled until cooked

-3 beef sausages cut into cubes only

Bratwurst seasoning (combination of oregano, nutmeg, coriander and salt)

-4 tbsp tomato sauce

-3 tbsp chili sauce

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