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No Comments Muhamad Kece, Denny Siregar: The person has been processed by the police

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23 August 2021 06:15 WIB

Denny is sure Kece will go to jail.

Denny Siregar and Ahok at the Lembang House. (Indonesian Media)

JAKARTA, JITUNEWS.COM – Social media activist Denny Siregar asked all parties not to associate himself with Muhamad Kece’s act of blaspheming religion. He felt there was no need to comment because the police had already followed up on the case.

Denny believes that Muhamad Kece’s ‘inconsequential’ statement will lead to prison. According to him, Kece will receive the punishment soon.

“There’s no need to nudge me with the Kece problem, which he says insults religion. The person has been processed by the police. It won’t take long for you to go to jail,” he tweeted on his Twitter account @DennySiregar7, quoted Monday (23/8).

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He was surprised because Kece’s actions were immediately highlighted by the public. In fact, he continued, cases of blasphemy have occurred in Indonesia.

“Si Kece, don’t make a fuss. Try those who say they are afraid of the cross, who was the birthplace of Jesus? Why don’t you make a fuss?” done Denny.

It is known that many of Muhammad Kece’s words are considered heretical. One of them is a statement about the command to pray. Kece said that prayer in Islam is not an order from God, but the teachings of Sheikh Nawawi Albantani.

According to Muhammad Kece Sesat, Gus Yaqut asked the police to act immediately

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