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Recipes and How to Make Lontar Cakes, Papuan Foods

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PRIANGANTIMURNEWS – Cake Pie or Cake Lontar Milk is a typical food from Papua which historically was brought from the Netherlands.

The original name of this jumbo pie is Ronde Tart (round cake) which was later changed to Papuan language into lontar cake.

It has a crunchy texture combined with a soft and legit milk filling that makes it known to this day by locals and foreigners alike.

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Quoted by PRIANGANTIMURNEWS.COM from the Instagram account @ichasavitry, this account shares his knowledge about this milk pie which is usually used as a meal on big or special days and as a present day gift for tourists or visitors.

Traditionally, this round cake is baked on a round plate made of ceramic with a unique motif. However, it doesn’t matter if you use an ordinary cake pan, it will still taste good.

The following ingredients can be prepared:


-280 gr all-purpose flour

-1 tsp vanilla

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