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Baby Girl Found Crying in the Forest, There are Bruises and Bruises on the Body

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BENGKULU, – A new baby girl was found by residents still alive in a protected forest, specifically the Kepahiang-Bengkulu Cross Road. The Kepahiang Police, who received the information, immediately evacuated the baby and investigated the case.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Kepahiang Police, AKP Welliwanto Malau, said that it was suspected that the new born baby was deliberately abandoned by his parents.

“We will do research to reveal the perpetrators who had the courage to discard their babies. We will start the investigation by finding a midwife who helps with delivery,” he said, Sunday (22/8/2021).

He explained that when the baby was found in a crying condition, several bruises and abrasions were found in several parts of the body.

In addition, he said, the baby’s umbilical cord when it was found had been cut and clamped so that it further strengthened the suspicion that the birth process was assisted by a midwife.

Together with the baby, officers also found several items, including a long piece of cloth, colored clothes, swaddling cloth, diapers and gloves.

“The baby girl was found in the mountain area of ​​the Kepahiang-Bengkulu Cross Road by two witnesses named Holidin and Darmawi,” said Welli.

He revealed, the initial discovery of the baby when a witness named Holidin and his friend wanted to see Raflesia flowers in the mountain area, precisely in Tebat Monok Village, Kepahiang District, Kepahiang Regency.

While walking into the forest, the witness heard the sound of a baby crying. They then searched for the source of the sound and found a baby girl wrapped in cloth. The two then reported the discovery to the nearest police station.

“It is estimated that the baby is only one day old with a length of 46 centimeters and a weight of 2.3 grams. The chest circumference is 34 centimeters and the head circumference is 31 centimeters. The baby is currently safe,” he said.

Editor : Donald Karouw

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