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Specifications of Jempolan KRI Golok-688 Made by Banyuwa Origin Factory …

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Top Specifications KRI Golok-688 Factory Made From Banyuwangi

KSAL Admiral Yudo Margono while inaugurating KRI Golok-688 at the PT Lundin Industry Invest Shipyard, Banyuwangi, Saturday (21/8). KRI Golok-688 will increase the strength of the Indonesian Navy’s battleships. Photo: Dispenal – The Indonesian Navy has officially launched the KRI Golok-688. The warship produced by PT Lundin Industry Invest adds to Indonesia’s sea power.

This ship is made by a company from Banyuwangi. KRI Golok-688 has a number of advantages to secure the sea area.

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Here are the facts about KRI Golok-688 quoted from

1. Type of Fast Missile Ship (KCR) Trimaran

The ship belongs to the Trimaran KCR type. The advantages of this ship are that it is lighter, and has excellent fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance because it is made of composite materials.

2. Size KRI Golok-688

This ship has a total length (Loa) of 62.53 meters, a width of 16 meters, a ship height of 18.7 meters from a draft and a weight of 53.1 tons.

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