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Many Unknown Benefits of Kangkung, One of which Can Overcome Anemia – Laros Media

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Laros Media – Kangkung is one type of green vegetable that is often consumed by most Indonesian people, especially Javanese people.

Kangkung itself is a plant that grows fast and is easy to cultivate, both organically and hydroponically.

Not only to be processed as a delicious food, kale also has a number of benefits for the health of the body.

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Quoted Laros Media from Doctor Fery TV’s YouTube channel which was uploaded on August 10, 2021, here are 7 benefits of kale for body health

1. Maintain eye health

Kangkung is rich in vitamin A which is good for maintaining eye health, because vitamin A is able to protect the cornea and the lining of the eye from bacterial and viral infections.

This vitamin can also increase fluid production to prevent dry eyes.

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2. Anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is usually characterized by symptoms such as pain and swelling, kale is also known to be effective against inflammation caused by bacterial infections.

3. Prevent diabetes

Kale vegetables work as antioxidants, where the antioxidants are able to counteract oxidation or anti-oxidant substances.

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4. Fights liver damage

It turns out that kale can protect the liver from wound damage and inflammation, because kale can trigger the production of enzymes that will cleanse or detoxify the liver from toxins.

5. Prevent dehydration

The high content of various types of minerals from kale makes this vegetable good for preventing dehydration, this has the main role of minerals such as potassium, sodium in it.

These two minerals are responsible for maintaining fluid balance and electrolyte levels in the body. So eating kale can prevent the loss of a lot of fluids.

6. Overcoming anemia

Because the mineral content in kale is also able to maintain and help overcome the symptoms of anemia, kale contains iron and phosphorus which are powerful for increasing the production of red blood cells.

7. Boost the immune system

It turns out that kale can reduce the risk of chronic disease and prevent other diseases caused by a weak immune system, because kale is high in vitamin C which can increase immunity, so that kale is able to fight cell damage.


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