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How to Take YouTube Video Thumbnails Without Application

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Maybe you’ve asked how to take a thumbnail image of a YouTube video? Here you can find one way, without using any application.

Thumbnail images are images that are the cover of the video. Usually these images are what you see when browsing YouTube.

gambar thumbnail video youtube

Well, for content creators, there are times when thumbnails of YouTube videos are needed. For example, when creating content and discussing or giving references to the video in question.

Of course you can make screenshots on a PC. But maybe you will get a small image or there is interference from other elements (eg the play button).

There is one most basic way you can do to take those thumbnail images. Namely using the identity of the video in question and the url address.

How to Capture YouTube Video Thumbnails

As we know, every YouTube video has its own identity code (video ID). You can see the identity code at the URL of the video in question. For example, for the address “”, the identity code is lbG1OOjll9G.

youtube video address identity

Well, then, all you need to do is open a new tab and type (or glasses) url address below.[VideoID]/maxresdefault.jpg

Then, copy the identity code of the video address and paste in the url address, replacing “Video ID.” With the YouTube video address example above, the result would be something like:

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That address will open a thumbnail image of the YouTube video in question. You just need to download/save it.

Interestingly, you can also choose images of different sizes. The trick is to rename the file “maxresdefault” with a number from 0 – 4. For example, for the smallest size, you can use the url address:

Please pay attention. Images of each size can be different depending on the image uploaded when the channel in question uploads a video to YouTube and fills in the details.

That’s one way to take a thumbnail image of a YouTube video. This method can be an option if you are lazy to use the application or do other methods.

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