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This platform helps job seekers find professions according to qualifications

  • Share – In this difficult time of the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs. To get a job vacancy is also increasingly difficult because many companies are doing this refocusing.

Currently, there are very few companies looking for new employees. Once there is a job opening, the competition is many times more than before the pandemic.

Given these conditions, the presence of information media about job vacancies is very helpful, one of which is, The media founded by Hendro Mardika, as well as the founder, oversees several educational startups.

“This platform was established with the intention of providing easy information for job seekers throughout Indonesia. In order to find out information on available vacancies, “explained Hendro.


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The media that was founded in 2017 initially only re-uploaded locker information from the official job recruiter website. Well Hendro founded motivated by his desire to provide information that can be trusted by the public and does not harm job seekers.

Thus, was born which can be accessed through social media and the official website. Account her Instagram already has as many as 1 million followers. “In the beginning, there were not many visitors who were interested in opening a website because they were just pioneering and not widely known,” he said.

But without being discouraged, he kept trying to provide locker info every day, until finally he was increasingly recognized and trusted as one of the places to find locker info in Indonesia. Many job vacancies specifications are provided by this platform, ranging from private lockers, BUMN to CPNS.

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The variety of job vacancies information makes it easier for job seekers to find a profession that matches their qualifications. Recruiters can also participate by sending information on job vacancies that are currently needed, after which they will be sent.posting in the media

“Recruiters can contact CP (contact person) which is in the bio or via DM (direct message) from Instagram. Then the team will filter or check the feasibility, accuracy and truth of the information,” said Hendro.

The strict screening is carried out to prevent the occurrence of false job vacancies information that is detrimental to job seekers. If there is information that is stuck, Hendro will immediately refuse cooperation.

“One of the conditions for cooperation with us is that it must be from a clear company. We also educate our followers to be careful with fake locker info,” he said.

Media locker © 2021

Hendro believes in making become a website and social media for job vacancies that are trusted and most sought after by the public. Thus, it can help reduce the unemployment rate in Indonesia every year.

“This media will continue to grow, providing accurate and reliable information that can be reached by all levels of society. We hope, through The unemployment rate in Indonesia is decreasing,” concluded Hendro.


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