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In general, people think that water hyacinth is a useless plant or a weed because it can damage aquatic ecosystems. However, in the creative hands of Wins Rajut MSME crafters, these aquatic plants can become useful products and have high economic value.

Read AllFor Winarsih (56 years), a knitting craftsman who is also the owner of Wins Knitting SMEs, the choice of water hyacinth plants as the basic material for his craft is because it is easy and abundant to obtain. In addition, the processing is easier than the basic ingredients of other woven crafts.

Initially, Winarsih only produced handicrafts for herself. Over time, his handmade products received a positive response in society. In 2015, he also started to open Win’s Knitting SMEs by empowering and training the surrounding community, especially housewives, to become craftsmen.

Now, the BRI-assisted MSMEs have at least 30 craftsmen and produce various products made from water hyacinth such as mats, cabinets, chairs, tables, flower vase wrappers, clothes storage containers and various other handicrafts. The selling price of these products ranges from Rp. 90 thousand to Rp. 900 thousand per unit.

When I first started my business, this knitting product was only sold around Pasuran. After the National Movement for Proud of Made Indonesia (Gernas BBI) was launched and received training support from BRI regarding online sales, their handicraft products began to be known by the wider community and currently their products have been marketed in various regions in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali. and also traveled the world to foreign countries.

The Gernas BBI program also supports digital marketing so that it becomes a solution for MSME players to grow and develop in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo and text: Zabur Karuru

Editor : Prasetyo Utomo


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