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look for the linguistic elements contained in the sample report text how to make a tablecloth​

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look at the following picture, then write down the information you find based on the picture (pls want the two photos to be collected tomorrow so…

al nyaa​


the raw word blows the provincial risk of charming quality receipts permit

Ready for a Quiz? #BahasaIndonesia #PendidikanKarakter Adolescence is a time full of memories, because you start to know and be attracted to the opposite sex…

his. Adolescent development affects relationships or relationships among other teenagers. More and more adolescent relationships are getting freer and more open. Even the consequences of being too late/excessive in socializing can be fatal. For example, courtship that ends in early marriage or abortion. Teenagers have many desires that cannot be fulfilled. On the one hand, they want to seek new experiences to increase their knowledge and flexibility in attitude and behavior. On the other hand, they feel capable of doing these things. There are many more problems experienced by teenagers. Questions: 1. Based on the text, Is the period full of memories or it can be said that the beautiful time is also called the period? 2. What are the consequences if the youth’s association becomes more free and open? Will it be fatal? Explain! 3. What efforts are made by a student to create relationships that lead to positive and ethical relationships in their environment? 4. What is your opinion about today’s youth association, which mostly leads to promiscuity? » Answers with FULL explanations! » NO SPAM & NO COPAS!!#KidsTeam​

1.Describe the following advertisement or poster based on its type, information on the message conveyed, and the expected audience response!#Please sis, make a …

so much..

Quiz easy #6 (last going to sleep) the one who answered correctly got the best answer. The first one who gets it, this animal has a tail like a fish when he was small, this animal has a tail like a fish when he was small

this is usually in a ditch / sewer or river this animal at first looks like a fish but after a while it comes out 2 feet then comes out 2 hands what animal is this??? :V it’s easy, I’m just amused when I hold it :Vangsal? get ready to report :V here is a photo but only color :VWarning:This photo is just for entertainment!!!​

please help me with correct answer1. What events do you see in the picture? when did the incident occur?3. where is perist…

iwa is happening?4. who do you see in the picture?5. why did the incident occur?6. how did the incident occur?7. do you think the event has news value?8. if yes, the information belongs to what type of field information?9. what is the topic of the information?10. Is this topic an actual topic?​

Make a news text with the theme of New Class (a different theme with the title yes) The length of the essay is 4-5 paragraphs, then you show which news headline is …

, the body of the news, and the foot of the news.

including descriptive text type What is the song Seduction Pulau Kelapa? Give your reason

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