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How to Make Aglonema Leaves Shiny and Shiny All

  • Share – Since the last few years, aglonema has become a favorite for ornamental plant lovers. The pattern, color, and shape of the leaves make many people fascinated by its beauty.

In addition, the high interest in aglonema makes many people make this ornamental plant an investment. The price of aglonema in the market is quite high, especially if it has shiny leaves.

There are several ways that can be done to make aglonema leaves shiny without a leaf polishing agent, one of which is using vitamin B1.

Quoted from YouTube channel Hobby Flowers through, here’s how to make aglonema leaves shiny and shiny.

Tools and materials needed to make glossy aglonema leaves:

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– 1 liter of water

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– Vitamin B1

– Spray bottle

– Dry tissue

How to make glossy aglonema leaves

1. Make a solution of vitamin B1

Put 1 liter of water into a spray bottle, then add 2-3 drops of vitamin B1. Stir or shake until well blended.

2. Spray aglonema leaves

Spray the vitamin B1 solution that has been made to the aglonema leaves evenly, including the stems and back of the leaves.

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3. Drying in the morning sun

Avoid spraying aglonema leaves during the day or evening. Spray using a solution of vitamin B1 in the morning.

After spraying, dry the plants in the morning sun for five minutes. Don’t overdo it, because drying aglonema for more than five minutes is at risk of burning the leaves.

4. Wipe the leaves of aglonema

Use a clean dry tissue to wipe the aglonema leaves after drying in the morning sun.

However, this step must be done carefully so as not to damage or tear the leaves.

Hold the back or bottom of the leaf using your palm, then wipe the top of the aglonema leaf using a clean dry tissue. Vice versa, hold the top while wiping the underside of the leaf.

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Wiping the aglonema leaves using a dry tissue will help remove the adhering dust as well as clean the leaf stomata.

This step needs to be done regularly so that the leaf stomata are not covered with dirt and make the aglonema leaves shiny and shiny.

(Author: Abdul Haris Maulana | Editor: Sakina Rakhma Diah Setiawan)


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