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The new color of the iPhone 13 has been revealed, here’s what it looks like

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TRIBUNJOGJA.COM – The appearance of the new color of the HP iPhone 13 was revealed thanks to a leak circulating on social media Twitter.

A new color for the iPhone 13 Pro or possibly an iPhone 13 prototype has appeared in at least two images.

That said, the new iPhone 13 Pro color that was revealed was Rose Gold although it tends to be predominantly purple or Dark Bronze.

However, some have speculated that the appearance of a large camera bump indicates that the device is the iPhone 12 Pro.

July 2021, print casing The iPhone 13 is leaked and two images claimed to be the new colors of the iPhone 13 Pro seem to reinforce it.

The alleged new Rose Gold color is available for the iPhone 13 Pro.
The alleged new Rose Gold color is available for the iPhone 13 Pro. (Twitter @@MajinBuOfficial)

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New colors for iPhone 13 Pro revealed by accounts Twitter @MajinBuOfficial, dikutip from Forbes, Sunday (22/8/2021).

Although Majin Bu is not a well-known leaker, many believe that the image is the iPhone 13 Pro.

Clearly, the well-known leaker DuanRui re-posted the picture accompanied by the words iPhone 13 Pro, complete with question marks.

Moreover, last year, Majin Bu gave a valid leak regarding casing silicone for iPhone 12 that has not been sold in the market.

Which makes it even more interesting, LeaksApplePro once stated there would be a Dark Bronze color scheme for the iPhone 13 Pro.

New iPhone 13 bronze color leaks.
New iPhone 13 bronze color leaks. (CNET)

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