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7 Ways to Make Sponge Rolls Soft, Fluffy, and Easy to Roll

  • Share – Rolled sponge is one type of sponge that many people like. The reason is, the rolled sponge has a soft texture and a variety of flavors.

How to make roll sponge dough so that the results are soft, fluffy, and flexible is not difficult. However, you need to pay attention to a few things. Especially in the use of materials.

Launching from the book “Sweet and Savory Roll Sponge(2020) by Indriani published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, some tips and tricks for making soft and easy rolls that can be easily followed.

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1. The use of materials to make soft roll sponges

Illustration of sponge cake rolls.SHUTTERSTOCK/P-Kheawtasang Illustration of sponge cake rolls.

It’s the same as making cakeSponge rolls are also made from eggs, sugar, flour, and margarine. The difference is only in the dose used.

Making rolls requires quite a bit of egg yolk. This is so that the sponge becomes flexible and easy to roll.

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In addition, using an emulsifier can produce a pliable sponge roll.

Also, use powdered sugar to make the rolls. Using powdered sugar can speed up the process of kneading the rolled sponge dough. Because the sugar will dissolve quickly.

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Use medium protein flour. You can also use rice flour. However, the results are not as flexible as sponge cake using wheat flour.

Adding fats such as margarine, butter, shortening, or oil, can give the cake a savory taste. In addition, adding fat can also make the cake more tender.

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