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How to make a CV that HRD likes, avoid clichés and don’t beat around the bush!

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There are those who work independently by opening a business or entrepreneurship, working for other people or companies.

If you intend to work in a company, when applying for a job, of course you need a CV or curriculum vitae.

Curriculum Vitae is very vital in the process of applying for jobs.

How to make a CV can not be arbitrary because it determines the company to process your application. So how do you make an attractive CV?

Career Development expert, Audi Lumbantoruan, said that the way to make an attractive CV is not to over-sell yourself or give an exaggerated impression.

“When you want to apply for a job, how to make a CV, don’t sell yourself too much. For example, just focus on the context of your last education, experience, sell what success has been done so far, and other important information,” explained Audi, as quoted by

According to him, how to make an interesting CV should not be too long. Moreover, up to three pages or more.

Two pages of CV is considered enough.

The Head of People and Organization Capability Development Division of Siloam Hospital recommends that job applicants make a CV with just 1 page.

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