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abnormal bone growth is called…… please sis (◍•ᴗ•◍)​

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Which of the following factors can affect human growth and development? a. motivation, nutritious food, love b. stimulation, love say…

ang, genetics c. stimulation, affection, motivation d. love, environment and motivation

Name the bones that make up the upper limb of the hand

how to adapt longan fruit? and what are the benefits?​

Explain about osteoporosis and its causes

Animals that have the same respiratory organs as the animals in the picture are…. a. snake b. fish c. beetle d. tadpoles

the number of floating ribs in humans is……… how do you use it?

abnormal bone growth is called…… please sis (◍•ᴗ•◍)​

Guava plants are dicotyledonous plants. Flowers on these plants function as a means of reproduction. Flowers are the most visible part of the plant.

or there is something that attracts the color and smell of flowers can attract insects to pollinate flowers. if pollination has occurred the flowers will multiply into ….. containing….. complete the sentence above ​

The following activities include maintaining the health of the skeleton, namely A. lifting heavy weights B. eating nutritious food C. eat meatballs faithfully…

p dayD. reading while sleeping

seeded plants will produce …. which can grow into new plantsA. FlowersB. Seeds C. Leaves D. Roots

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