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Leaked iPhone 13 specifications and prices are rumored to be launching in September 2021

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Leaked iPhone 13 specifications that are rumored to be released this year. (Source: Lets Go Digital)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV Apple is rumored to be releasing its newest smartphone, the iPhone 13, in September 2021.

The four new models of the successor to the iPhone 12 include the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Some news mentions that Apple’s flagship phone will have the latest features that support daily use.

The iPhone 13 is also said to have a slightly thicker phone body than the current model.

This is likely due to a larger battery capacity than the previous generation iPhone.

So what are the advantages of this new Apple product?

Launching from various sources, the iPhone 13 will have the latest features such as the 5G network.

Not only that, the iPhone 13 lineup is rumored to have the same size model as its predecessor, which is 5.4 inches; 6.1 inches; and 6.7 inches.

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Other news also mentions the iPhone 13 will have notch which is smaller than the iPhone 12.

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